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Seeking Knowledge About Furniture? You Need To Read This Article!

Do you require more furniture? Perhaps you are just moving into your very first home. Maybe you are simply upgrading, getting a home with more square footage. It could be that you are simply tired of your old, worn furniture. No matter why you are shopping, the reading of this article will help you the […]


Anna Kiesenhofer is a math genius who just pulled off one of the biggest shocks in Olympics history

Nobody was speaking about Anna Kiesenhofer ahead of the Tokyo 2020 women’s road race, but they certainly are now. The Austrian rider was considered a novice compared to her competitors, notably defending champion Anna van der Breggen, former Olympic bronze medalist Elisa Longo Borghini, Britain’s Lizzie Deignan, Germany’s Lisa Brennauer and former world title champion […]


Personalized immunotherapy response studied in body-on-a-chip cancer models

Wake Forest researchers and clinicians are using patient-specific tumor ‘organoid’ models as a preclinical companion platform to better evaluate immunotherapy treatment for appendiceal cancer, one of the rarest cancers affecting only 1 in 100,000 people. Immunotherapies, also known as biologic therapies, activate the body’s own immune system to control, and eliminate cancer. Appendiceal cancer is […]


U.S. urges China, private sector to boost participation in G20 debt response

A senior U.S. Treasury official said Washington was open to expanding the common framework for debt treatment agreed by the G20 and the Paris Club beyond just low-income countries to include small island states, fragile states and even some lower middle-income countries with high debt burdens. G20 finance officials will review progress on the debt […]


Android 12 Beta 3 has a wild new way to handle auto-rotation

Google is releasing the latest beta for Android 12 right on schedule. Beta 3 for Android 12 continues adding features, including scrolling screenshots, faster on-device universal search for apps, improved auto-rotate, and more. Google says this version of Android 12 has the “Android 12 APIs and the official SDK,” which means there shouldn’t be major […]


Smithsonian Says These Moths Are So Gorgeous, They Put Butterflies to Shame: It’s National Moth Week

A New York photographer acquired a new lease on night in the Catskills during the draconian state lockdowns by suspending a white sheet in her yard illuminated with black lights and waiting to see who shows up. She is just one of many “moth-ers,” enthusiasts of the butterfly’s generally nocturnal cousin, that are taking to […]


Diamonds sparkle on horizon for ‘roundabout girl’ Maddie Hay

She has been dubbed “the roundabout girl” for her propensity to return regardless of challenges thrown at her, and after consecutive Super Netball match MVP awards Giants midcourter Maddie Hay could be on track for a Diamonds call-up. The Sydney native debuted for the NSW Swifts in the ANZ Championship in 2014 under Rob Wright […]


Disrupting and restoring expression of ASD-associated gene in mice alters sociability

A team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in Boston has found that disrupting and restoring the expression of a gene associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in mice can alter their degree of sociability. In their paper published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, the group describes experiments they conducted with sociability in mice and […]


EU hikes recovery forecast as downside risks emerge

German industrial output fell in May, data showed, while the country’s main auto association downgraded its 2021 car sales forecast. Persistent global semiconductor shortages were cited as a factor in both. The European Union’s executive Commission nonetheless predicted the euro zone will grow by 4.8% this year, after the reopening of economies in the second […]