England’s famous win over Australia: the most consequential match of all

I was there, you know. On the world’s most famous cricket ground on the day of England’s most famous Test win. In the old Lord’s press box next to the pavilion. True, the win in question was not actually at Lord’s: it was 200 miles away at Headingley. But we remember the most dramatic events […]


Kids’ sleep: Check in before you switch off

The struggle to get your child to go to sleep and stay asleep is something most parents can relate to. Once the bedtime battle is over and the kids have finally nodded off, many parents tune out as well. But University of South Australia researcher Professor Kurt Lushington is calling for parents to check on […]


Short exit stampede at 1.4% drives U.S. Treasury yield slump, traders say

An unwinding of bets by some hedge funds against 10-year U.S. Treasuries, the world’s safest asset, explains the sudden ructions in bond markets, traders and fund managers told Reuters on Wednesday. Yields on 10-year Treasuries, which move inversely to prices, recently stood at around 1.30% in New York trading after falling to a more than […]


Company Embodies ‘Right to Repair’ By Redesigning Auto Parts That Constantly Fail—And Selling Them Cheaper

One innovative company perfectly embodies the ideals of consumers who deserve and are demanding the ‘right to repair’. Dorman Products‘ constant detective work to see which automotive parts are failing in large numbers on which models has allowed them to grow into a big operation—where they know exactly which parts on your car are likely […]


What does winning Olympic gold mean? For Fiji, it inspired a nation

We were 43-7 ahead with time up and with possession deep in Great Britain’s half. The Olympic gold medal in the men’s rugby sevens at Rio 2016 was about to be won, the first ever medal of any colour for the country of Fiji. As the coach, it was my undoubted career high to date. […]


New research could keep cancer-fighting T cells from burning out before the job is done

Fighting a tumor is a marathon, not a sprint. For cancer-fighting T cells, the race is sometimes just too long, and the T cells quit fighting. Researchers even have a name for this phenomenon: T cell exhaustion. In a new Nature Immunology study, researchers at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) report that T cells […]


Oyo sees recovery in India picking pace, offers no timeline to IPO

India’s Oyo Hotels and Homes chief executive said on Wednesday the SoftBank-backed (9984.T) hospitality startup’s business was likely to return to levels seen before the second wave, but did not provide a timeline for its potential public offering. “In India, if all goes well, in a couple of weeks our numbers will be back to […]


Amazon reportedly worked on an Alexa wearable for kids

Amazon toyed with yet another way of ingratiating itself into the lives of you and your family through an Alexa-enabled wearable for kids, Bloomberg reports. The device was considered for Amazon’s 2020 product roadmap, according to documents Bloomberg viewed, and it would have added to the company’s growing stable of kid-focused tech products. The $99 […]


How Scientists are Managing to Trap the World’s Coldest Plasma in a Magnetic Bottle

Physicists have discovered a way to trap the world’s coldest plasma in a magnetic bottle, a technological achievement that could advance research into clean energy, space weather, and astrophysics. “To understand how the solar wind interacts with the Earth, or to generate clean energy from nuclear fusion, one has to understand how plasma—a soup of […]